Friday, March 1, 2013

Just a quicky

Hey Y'all,

Just because I'm up later than usual and fully charged from a sweet VFAC workout I thought I'd post something for you all for motivations sake.  I know it's going to be a pissing with rain kind of weekend for those racing the Dave Reed Spring Classic so I thought I'd share my feelings about tonights VFAC workout.  This will be short and sweet with no icing, candles or songs.

I showed up tonight  after a full shift at the ski shop. The tired factor had nothing to do with the expanse  of customers but rather the lack thereof and a series of cancellations of our weekly bus trips due to the weather.  The one thing I had going for me tonight was the fact that no matter the regular spring Vancouver #wetcoast weather, I could count on a core group of VFAC crazies being out on the track for a weekly calf thrashing.  My typical mates Drew and Nick were absent this evening and Coach Hill with his usual lack of impeccable timing along side of my car's lack of heat meant that that I was freezing before I even got warmed up.  Time for a new game plan I thought.  Next to the track we practice at, is an ice rink.  I made my way originally to the McDonalds to warm up with an attempt to use their bathroom hand dryer to dry off and their line up area to do my dynamic movements. The person behind the till still asked me if they could help me as I waved them off and the patrons gave me the weirdest of looks, my bare legs in my shorty shorts making them feel as awkward as I did.  It wasn't long before I realized the obvious. I needed to be where the sporty are but I'm still too cold to partake in the craziness off warming up in the cold rain.  The ice rink doors open and public skate is about to begin, the light bulb went on.  I went in to find a very cold air,  but the dryness was primarily what I was after.   I went upstairs as heat rises and found a hallway between the top of the stairs and the men's washroom was a lit and slightly warm section where I was free to do my dynamic movements and drink and gel to my hearts content.  Soon after realizing that no one from my team was warming up on the track or anywhere in view from where I could see out the window I was getting warm but not as much as running would make me.  I ventured inside the arena where I could see skaters taking to the ice.  I was on the upper level and noticed the almost track like area around the top level of the rink.  I could hear the rain pelt off the roof of the building and realized the gem on which I had just stumbled.  It was probably 250 meters around and there was music!  Top forty none-the less, but heck, it was dry.  Pure luxury and sanctuary was mine! I had a full on warm up until I could see the small group forming. (As expected) In fact I was wondering if anyone was showing up at all. Even though that would be super uncharacteristic of any VFAC workout. No matter the weather, I can always count on Coach and a good group being there. Hence forth why I continue to show up with my crew.

 I strapped into my spikes and did two laps with 100 metre strides built in.  Coach proceeded to give everyone their workouts and at this time of the season not everyone is one the same page.  I was on my own tonight and doing a completely different workout than the rest of the team.  I was somewhat happy about this as I had their support but I was the captain of my own ship.  I like having help and others to push me but I trust John and that he knows whats best for me.  His formula seemed easy at first but by the last couple of intervals I knew he knew where I was at physically.  His workout for me was 5X800 metres with 200 metre rest.  I was told to run through 400 in 71-4 seconds and this I was very comfortable with.   I ran the first in 1:27 which I wasn't overly happy with.  I started my second interval with the rest of the team, some of which were doing 600's which made it hard for me to gauge my speed.  I knew what I had to do on the next one.  I like running by feeling, something which has taken me years to figure out. A.K.A. pacing.  Simple to some but mastered by few.

The next few being long intervals compared to most of which we do on the track were very good for me.  I did five repeats of 800 metres dropping a second off of each one. Keeping in mind that my rests were only 200 metres between each interval, my last one ended at 1:22.  I felt pretty good aside from yelling at some soccer moms for crossing the track in front of me without looking on my last 100 metres. Get in my way on the track and I'll either bark loudly or knock your ass over.  There are rules on the road and rules on the track, ignorance won't get you out of a ticket or in this case a stern bark or worst case an elbow into your side with no remorse.  Would you walk your kids out into traffic without looking both ways? Didn't think so.  This is my track and I'm pushing harder than any soccer coach/parent who steps out onto it so new year's revolutionists beware! Call it harsh, but me and my team are here year round so read the signs and get the heck out of our way!  Bitching aside, I felt awesome and somewhat bad for being rude as I had completed my interval in 2 seconds ahead of what coach had prescribed.  I warmed down auto with a 400.  I came around and almost started into my 200's at 10k pace to clear the lactic acid when coach said ... well you missed the last long one, So how bout one more?  I agreed immediately as I had some left in me and am super hungry this year for improvements.  Off I went on my 6th 400 with only 200 rest in the cold torrential rain and blazing wind.  This time nothing mattered but my form.  I want more now just thinking about it.  Great workout, finishing my 6th at the same 1:22 as my 5th.

Coach Hill knows me and I feel as though he's been holding back on me until now. Now he knows I have the base to make his program work and take on the extra volume.  I'm super happy and hungry about that.  I will be the fastest team member this year and the BMO Vancouver Marathon is my main goal for success this spring.  Running is more exciting for me now than ever before and I'm ready mentally and physically for the efforts in front of me to make it happen.

I love all the positive energy in my life right now and the opportunities in front of me.  Any open door is freedom and I will make the best of everything I can.