Race Results

2013 Lower Mainland  Regional Road Race Series
1st- M30-34 115 Points

August 18th 2013 Richmond Oval 10k
2nd OA,  1st M30-34,  34:36

August 10th 2013 Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon
Pace Beaver for 1:30:00 Group 16 runners in my group Finished on time

2013 Timex BC Provincial Road Race Series
8th OA,  3rd M25-29(2nd M30-34) 816 points (age graded)

May 26th 2013 Envision Financial Abbotsford  Run For Water Marathon
1st OA , 1st M30-34  New Course Record 2:35:08

April 21st, 2013 BC 10km Championships Vancouver Sun Run
28th OA, 5th M30-34,(3rd BC Champs) 32:31 PB

April 7th, 2013 BMO Sunshine Coast Fools Half Marathon
2nd OA, 2nd M30-34, 1:12:28

March 16th 2013 BC 5km Championships
24th OA, 3rd M 30-34,  15:48

February 23, 2013,  Sigge's P'ayakentsut 30km Skate Ski Loppet
7th OA, 2nd M 25-29(age as of Dec 312012) (1st M30-34) 1:40:22

Pacific Road Runners First Half Half Marathon, BC Half Marathon Championships
February 10, 2013
13th OA, 4th M30-34, 1:13:16

January 27, 2013 Steveston Icebreaker 8k
9th OA, 5th M25-29, 26:45

June 2, 2012 Whistler Half Marathon
1st OA, 1st M25-29,  1:09:17**(Course short)

May 27, 2012, BC 8km Championships, Shaughnessey 8k 
1st OA, 1st M25-29,  26:35

May 6, 2012, BMO Vancouver Marathon
7th OA, 5th Canadian, 5th M25-29,  2:36:13** (Course 400-600M long)

April 1, 2012 BMO April Fools Run Half Marathon
1st OA, 1st M25-29, 1:10:57 PB 

March 17, 2012 St. Patty's Day 5k BC 5km Championships
 Day 5k
10th OA, 4th M25-29,  15:52

2012 Sigge's P'ayakentsut 30km Ski loppet
 15th OA, 1st M25-29,  1:48:20

Whistler Spirit Run 8k XC
2nd OA, 1st M25-29, 28:22

June 17,  2011 Longest Day 5km
                                                   10th OA, 8th Mens 16-39,  16:18          

April 18, 2011 Vancouver  Sun Run
35th OA  9th M25-29  32:35 PB

April 3rd 2011 Fools Run BC Half Marathon Championships
2nd OA  1st M25-29   1:11:30PB

March 26th 2011  Dave reed Spring Classic
BC 5k Championships
3rd OA   3rd M25-29  2nd BC Champ  15:39 PB

March 20th 2011 Harry's Spring Run Off
6th OA  2nd M25-29  25:49 PB

March12th 2011  St. Patty's Day 5k
13th OA 11th M-20-39   15:51


February 13th 2011 The First Half Half Marathon
8th OA  3rd M25-29  1:12:57

January 30th 2011  Steveston Icebreaker 8k
7th OA  3rd M25-29   26:09

January 22nd, 2011.  VFAC Anual Club 5 Mile Race
26:15 for 5 miles
26:05 for 8k
Fastest Male

December 4th, 2010.  Gunner Shaw Cross Country 10K
4th OA   2nd M20-29   33:45

November 21st, 2010. New Balance Fall Classic Half Marathon
1st OA   1st M25-29   PB 1:12:40

November 11th, 2010.  Remembrance Day Run 8k X Country 
2nd Open Men   27:46

**My First Marathon!!**
October 10th 2010.  Good Life Fitness Victoria Marathon
8th OA  3rd M25-29   2:35:00 PB
1st VFAC Open Men Team

September 18th 2010. Pine Tree Classic 8km Cross Country
3rd OA   2nd Open M   26:10

August 15th, 2010. Richmond Oval 10k
4th OA 2nd M25-29  33:35

August 3rd, 2010.  Hershey Harriers All Comers Track Meet. Swangard Stadium
1st OA  5000m    16:45

August 1st, 2010. Squamish Days 10k
4th OA   3rd M25-29    33:41

July 29th, 2010.  Hershey's All Comers Track Meet. Swangard Stadium
3rd OA   1500m   4:27.35

July 18th, 2010,    Fort Langley Half Marathon
1st OA     1st M25-39      1:14:46 Course Record

June 27th, 2010.  Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon
14th OA       2nd M25-29       1:12:56 

June 6th, 2010.  Sandcastle City Classic 10k    
                         4th OA        2nd M25-29    33:02PR

May 10th, 2010.  The Vancouver Sun Run 
                              72nd OA     30th M25-29    34:53  http://www.raceheadquarters.com/results/2010/run/SunRun10K2010Top100.html

May 2nd, 2010. BMO Vancouver 8k
                                       2nd OA      2ndM25-29       27:23 http://www.raceheadquarters.com/results/2010/run/BMOVM20108K.html

April 11th, 2010.  BC Half Marathon Championships 
               3rd OA      2nd Senior       1:16:12

March 13th, 2010. St. Patricks Day 5k

February 21st, 2010. Fort Langley Half Marathon 
                    2nd OA     1st M25-29   1:13:57

January 30th, 2010. VFAC Club 5 Mile Race  
                      Fastest Male  (26:59PR for 8k)    27:09 

November 29th, 2009. Amica Seattle Half Marathon  
              14th OA    7th M25-29   1:17:17

November 15th, 2009.  New Balance Fall Classic
                     2nd OA    2nd M20-29   1:15:22

November 7th, 2009. Haney To Harrison 100k Team Relay
 (leg 5, 13.7km)  3rd OA  3rd IN Leg  45:07 http://www.raceheadquarters.com/results/2009/run/H2H2009Stage5.html 

October 12th, 2009. North Shore Half Marathon
            3rd OA      1st M20-29  1:11:12 http://www.raceheadquarters.com/results/2009/run/NorthShoreHalf2009.html

September 20th, 2009. Innovative Fitness Half Marathon  
 3rd OA     2nd M20-29  1:14:32 http://www.raceheadquarters.com/results/2009/run/Rotary2009Half.html

September 12th, 2009. Fairhaven Waterfront 15k

August 16th, 2009.  Richmond Oval 8.53k

August 2nd, 2009. Squamish Days 10k 

2009 Timex Lower Mainland Road Race Series
                   1st OA in Points 1st M25-29

2009 Timex BC Road Race Series
               9th OA      9th Open Mens

July 18th, 2009.  Summerfast 10k 
      4th OA      3rd M20-34     35:33 

July 1st, 2009. The Rock 10k 

June 28th, 2009. Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon

June 7th, 2009. Sandcastle City Classic 10k 
                   3rd OA      1st M25-29      34:29

May 31st, 2009. Shaughnessy 8k 
9th OA  4th M25-29  28:02

May 10th, 2009. Port Moody Mother's Day 5k 
            2nd OA      2nd M20-29    16:38 

April 20th, 2009. Vancouver Sun Run

April 5th, 2009.  BC Half Marathon Championships
3rd OA  1st M25-29  1:17:18 

March 28th, 2009.  Dave Reed Spring Classic 5k 
          9th OA      8th M20-34     16:59 

March 14th, 2009. Green Sock Half Marathon
2nd OA   2nd M20-29  1:19:22 

February 22nd, 2009. Aldergrove Mud Run 8k
 8th OA       4th M20-29     30:25 

February 15th, 2009. Fort Langley Half Marathon
8th OA  4th M25-29 1:24:23

June 8th, 2008. Sandcastle City Classic 10k
16th OA               2nd M25-29          37:32 

May 25th, 2008. Shaughnessy 8k
    32nd OA            1st M25-29            31:09                                  http://www.raceheadquarters.com/results/2008/run/Shaughnessy8K2008.html

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