Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes we fall

Hey runners,

Just a short blog today and I'm sorry to keep you waiting. As you all know, I have been on a prescribed week off from running due to a chest cold that got ugly. At first I was devastated not to be able to run. I was lucky to be off the week it got really warm because it made it easier to hang out at the beach. There have been times before when I've been told or advised not to run by my Naturopathic Doctor. (An amazing man who first became a client of mine when I was working in White Rock) I usually take everything he has to say to heart because I trust his advice is in my best interest. This time I tried to stay off my feet but had to cheat a few times. I really did. I had my runners on a couple of times throughout the week for short periods and also tried testing my lungs on the bike. The verdict? Well as usual, he was right. Every time I thought I was feeling better, my lungs begged for me to stop. In reference to the title of this blog, I feel as though I have fallen. As a matter of fact I have been plagued by two silly injuries aside from my cold which have been affecting my willingness to return to the sport in which I belong. One was a slight pull in my right lateral collateral ligament which has now fully recovered. I have no idea how this may have happened other than warming up. The other was a bruised vastus medialis (left knee where the quad meets the kneecap on top) This was caused by a silly
drinking/camping/biking accident. This has been a stubborn one.

Here's where I'm at right now, I feel like I'm gaining weight and definitely getting slower. I'm sure the copious amounts of beer are not helping. Because I have not been training my mind is not healthy any more either. I am fed up with my depressed state of feeling sorry for my busted ass. I am slightly intimidated to return to workouts in fear of not performing up to my usual standards. I'm sorry to anyone whom I've razzed for not wanting to come back because they didn't feel they were fast enough yet. I know how you feel. I know I will be welcome and given a grace period to recover my form.

This morning I had a hard time dealing with the fact that I had just won and lost Platinum seasons tickets to the Canucks. I hit rock bottom. I fell and hit hard. I do not like feeling weak and vulnerable as you can recall from my last post, so this morning I had myself a little pep talk! Today I am going to make my comeback! I have scheduled a 1 hour hot yoga class with Katherine Moore at Yaletown Hot Yoga and I am going to go for a 10k medium paced run. This should have my mental back in the right state. I am putting good energy out to the universe and ask that it return in the form of healthy mind and body and great running. Also I will work tirelessly to promote myself this week and continue to build on the image that I love and am proud to put forward. I look forward to learning and reading more as well. Every time I injure myself, I learn what went wrong, how this area works and how to heal and correct/prevent it. This often opens the door to many different areas in which to learn. I'm sure over time I will be as good at healing as I will be at running.

In conclusion, There are times when we fall. It may take us a long time or a few times to get back up. It's never easy to stay up or on top when there are so many things in life which can bring you down. At times, if and when you feel bad, find comfort in knowing that everything is going to be alright, money comes frequently and easily, and if you do good things you are a good person.

Things I hate: Shitty Pranks and cops on the beach
Things I love: The ability to heal myself

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