Thursday, September 9, 2010

Twenty Something

Hello Runners and Readers,

I haven't really gone into any personal depth with my blogs yet, but I will attempt a brief account of what's been going on in my head lately. Now that the weather is cooling off I will try to be more focused and spend more time trying to be creative and self improving. I am enjoying this outlet as it can allow the freedom of thought. Thought is something that many people may take for granted. I on the other hand have been having a very challenging time lately putting mine and keeping my thoughts together. My mind seems to wander so easily when I try to focus on something. Is this lack of focus caused by a lack of direction or drive? I find that hard to believe because I have put so much energy and effort into all that I strive to be. At times I wonder if others have the same difficulties as I do whilst they carry out their seemingly effortless(or so they make it look) tasks in their lives. Perhaps this is the norm for a twenty something trying desperately to succeed and make a name for himself in this fine city. I know for certain that everything is going to be alright, but still I worry. I understand that things take time and still I am impatient. I am ready to be stable and I want to be financially secure as well. I want to live in a clean, quiet and new place. I get frustrated when I try very hard at marketing my massage business and find myself two weeks into September with no work. I remember when I was starting Mind Body Thai Massage in White Rock with my partner at the time Terii. We had months just like this in the beginning too. Twice I had to take another job so that the business would survive and now it is thriving! I certainly hope that my efforts of self employment are not in vain and most of the time trust that they are not. However, we are but human and self doubt often accompanies hard times. Times like these are when I choose to look up and pull myself up even when the weight of the world itself threatens to crush me back down if I try again. Some past experiences have told me I'll fail, but more of those experiences have taught me to succeed and to stand up under the weight and pressures of the world around me. At times I give myself pep talks of why I need to keep going and how to do so. It's
things like this which bring my spirit to the point of invincibility.

I am not a religious person. I believe and live my life by karma and universal energies. I do however believe in angels. I have been blessed to be surrounded by many angels in human form. When my spirit breaks or gets weak, my angels always know and come to my aid. I have always been afraid to ask for help or assistance in my life as I always thought it may show weakness. Recently in my life I have been learning how to accept the kind advice or assistance from my guardian angels and it has been heaven sent. It allows me to keep my mind focussed in the right direction and on the right energy to proceed in a comfortable state. I know life can be stressful and I am glad to have so many wonderful people and friends here with me who can make this journey a great experience. I may be a great distance from the family and friends I grew up with, but my new family of friends will keep me strong on a daily basis so that I may become the best I can be. I hope I am able to be that angel figure for my friends and therein fill there life with happiness and love.
Just a short entry for today. I now feel much better and I hope there are some twen
ty somethings out there who can relate to this and see that they are not alone. Open your eyes, minds, hearts and arms and we will all get what we want out of life! Happy training. Just a note to all who are training for a marathon right now, please be extra aware of your bodies right now. If there is any pain address it immediately. Be aware of your diet and give your bodies the extra nutrients they need for a speedy recovery.

Things I hate: Being impatient and doubtful
Things I love: All of my angels

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  1. You're very welcome. Just like the Sade song 'By your side' TA