Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Best season ever?

Hello and welcome back readers and runners.

Last season was an exciting one with a few wins and some great action.  After winning the Whistler Half Marathon my body and mind were very tired.  I decided to take a six month break from competitive running.  This is the first long non injury related break I've taken since I began running in 2009.  I spent the next few months riding and racing my mountain bike, eating whatever I felt like and working at Dizzy's Cycles.  This was a very refreshing and recharging experience.  To start this season off, I was approached by a rep from Shimano and Pearl Izumi.  She had observed my running and the way I interact with people and offered me a position as an ambassador/ field staff member for the new Pearl Izumi Emotion Running line up.  I was super excited and proud to be offered this position and look forward to promoting the brand and vamping up my training and competitions to get their name  out there as much as possible.

I have received a pair of their EM1 Road shoes and some apparel and must say that they are pretty darn close to perfect and I couldn't have dreamed up a better looking shoe.  The size was a bit large (which is truly the only flaw) but the shoes have thus far proven to be excellent even if they are a bit big.  I have taken the shoes on a couple of tempo runs and yesterday put them to a 28km run at 4:04/km average with team mate Nick Brown.  No complaints, pain or discomfort.  These shoes are fantastic and I cannot wait for the shipments to arrive here in Canada.  The best part is here: Within the next month I will be given a whole demo fleet of men's and women's trail and road shoes which I will be setting demos up around the city and province for people to try out their wickedness for themselves with chances to win their very own pair for free!! How exciting right?  Totally.  Apparently some Pearl Izumi socks will be given to those trying the shoes out so they have the best comfort and consistency for the demos.

The season is well underway now and my fitness is starting to come back to where it once was.  I have a lot of VFAC interval sessions with Coach John Hill and my team mates before I can surpass last year's speed but I'm super hungry after my break and with this new partnership to really kick some butt.  I will be returning to the BMO Vancouver Marathon to try to achieve top Canadian spot this May.  Other goals for this season will be to return to the Sunshine Coast Fools Run Half Marathon and Whistler Half Marathon to defend my titles and to continue building my speed.  I plan on doing a fall Marathon as well and partaking in either the full or the half (depending on fitness and recovery as well as coaches orders) at the brand new Banff Marathon.  This event is brand new and has a net downhill course.  The scenery will be sure to put this event in the record books for Canada's (if not the world's) most scenic marathon!  I have been confirmed as an elite into this years BC 5k Championships and have been asked to put the word out for any runners who are not running to help out as a volunteer.  Volunteers make the running world go round and are always greatly appreciated.  Thats it for now sports fans, Stay tuned for more action to come.  Stay fit, stay awesome!!



  1. Congrats on the sponsorship. Glad to see you back.
    How will we find out where the demos will be set up? I'll keep my eye out!

  2. I will be sure to announce the demo dates and locations as soon as I know them on facebook and here on the blog.

  3. All right! This is great. Glad to see you sign on with a shoe company. I hope that one of the demo locations will be in Surrey!