Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saturday Morning Track wokout. (Sorry I'm Late)

Hello World :)

I've been training, working and playing very hard lately. It's high time I get down to keeping this blog up! It's unlike me to sit down for any given length of time but I know this is good for me. Saturday morning was bright and sunny and I knew Iwas In for a warm workout. I was excited to get my new shoes out on the track for their first time. This was a perfect workout for these shoes. Mizuno Precision 7 was the first pair of these shoes My mom bought for me. They have changed slightly and I now have the 9's (not 10's) because I didn't like the colour layout. Hey, If you want to be fast, you have to feel and look fast. These baby's do it for me.

Today was 4 x 1200m w 400m rest inbetween each. We started with our usual warm up around the beautiful Shaugnessy neighbourhood. After sorting out our times, we all lined up and got geared to go. The first couple laps felt nice and easy compared to our usual lung thrashing routine. Kev, Drew and I made it through the third and final lap a little slow, 4:05. Time for our rest lap @ 1:40 and then straight into the rest of our workout. The next two were perfectly on as we crossed the line together with the seasoned pacingfrom Kev and me on the second. Both 1200's were 3:55. For the last one, I decided to throw on some steam and the guys followed. Little did they know I had some extra incentive on this lap.... You see, our speedster and fellow running gay blogger Jay had brought out his sweet little girlfriend Kirsty. I'm not sure if everyone knows this so I'll give my point of view. It's sexy and hot to imagine (as a straight guy) the thought of being with a hot lesbian. To be that one man who is man enough to make a lesbian want to try a tasteof the other side. For women, I believe this to be true in the same way for their gay friends. That being said, we have gay Jay and his super hot straight friend. I think she may have been there just to show off to Jay, but none the less I enjoyed chasing her around the track. I guess she's a lot like Jay. It's one thing to be super fast, (which they both are) but they're both paired with good looks too. It just adds to their hotness. Now if only we can get him to bring Natasha Wodok I'll be volunteering for double workouts!!. I guess what I'm trying to say is I love running even more when there are beautiful women around. Hmmmm there usually always are..... Maybe I'm on to something here!

It would seem as though I've strayed away from the workout. Oops. After flying by Kristy I slumped across the line in 3:41! Only to realise that I was out of breath forthe warm down lap that I was supposed to follow through with. Sorry Kev and Drew for messing that one up. That's so my style, show off for the ladies and end up hurting my ass or something stupid.

I have decided Kev's would be a great post workout pre beach activity, but I am called away to a massage instead. Super great! I don't mind missing a world cup game for some money and to gain a new client. The massage went well and now it's off to the beach for a relaxing afternoon. Or so I thought.......

My friend Simon and I biked to Wreck Beach from my place at Burrard. We ride there on the 8Th Avenue bike route. We both had our tunes on and after the massage I felt really good. I always feel the need to push hard when cycling with anyone. The route to UBC is a net uphill so there was some serious excursion as I pushed myself hard to get up the hill.Then it's the wreck beach stair workout, a full day of drinking and Frisbee and swimming, stair workout, and the fun bike ride back home.

Before I left UBC, I was intrigued some details on one of the buildings. After thoroughly inspecting that building and several others, I came to the conclusion that I have never seen such a perfect marriage between mother nature and man. I looked around inawe and splendor as I was sure I had found myself in heaven on earth. I found myself inside the grounds of a very lavish mansion. I cycled quietly past the window of a room full of men in tuxedos. Their attention fixed on a center speaker. I'm sure someone was being praised for some great accomplishment based on the amount of white hair and lavish surroundings in the room. I continued through this magical world and felt like a scholar from a wealthy upbringing. This evening I am blessed. Not only do I have the seclusion of a sun soaked Sunday evening, But I am now following my ears to the sound of some graceful piano sounds. I peer through a window across a great room with a stunning view of West Van from across the ocean. In the middle sits a young woman in front of a grand piano. I watch her as she rocks back and forth, her fingers seemingly motionless. Her music is so very soothing as I long for my own hands to return to the keys. How nice it would be to sit in this room on such a beautiful piano in such a masterpiece of a home. It's things and times like these that remind me what I am to look forward to in life.Yes simple things such as beautiful sunsets, and complex things like mansions that hang on the edge of the world.
Things I hate- Being impatient
Things I love- Exploring

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