Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well I guess it's about time I figure out what the hell I'm doing with my life. I'm 27 and feel as though I am getting older but have yet to really make a name for myself yet. It seems at times I can grow a bit impatient. So long as I keep telling myself the most important thing I have learned in life thus far, "everything is going to be alright", it will. I have sincere belief that I was put here on earth to be great and have every intention of doing so. I have started a new and exciting chapter of my life by moving to Vancouver and am excited to share my adventures with everyone in my great network. It's kind of weird to be putting my thoughts down like this as I've never really kept a journal. but I myself think this will be worth the time invested and perhaps may help in keeping me focused on some of my goals.

What are my goals? Good question. For this year I have a lot of great things planned. One of my most important goals is my running. This year I want to win my age group in the More importantly, I am focussing on quality, not quantity. I am picking my races strategically this year and following my training schedule religiously. Except for yesterday, because I really bruised my ass bad and needed to recover. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! So long as Drew Nicholson doesn't catch up to me by the end of the series, I can take him out. But as for Tristan Simpson, He's going to be a slightly bigger (even though he's smaller) fish to fry. Maybe he wont enter enough races or I can just do more than him to beat him in points. We'll see how it goes.

As for this season, I'm super happy with how it's going. I finally got my PR for 10k at the Sandcastle 10k in White Rock on Sunday 33:02 and am fully confident I have what it takes to break that by the end of July. I Know I have what it takes to break 16:00 at the longest day 5k and am sure to throw down a solid PR at the Scotiabank Half Marathon as well.
Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, That was a sigh of relief as I peek out my beautiful window to see the torrential rain breaking apart and clouds lifting. This means I will be able to strut my stuff in my new Mizuno Prescision 9 Lightweight trainers generously discounted at Forerunners for being a VFACer. God I hate it when I get My new runners Muddy!!

Hey can you tell by how easily I get distracted that I have ADHD? What is that you ask? It's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. WTF is that you ask? It means I'm hyper and have the attention span of a 6yr old on a sugar high. It can be tough some times, But I'm finding great ways to help focus myself and channel my energy correctly. I was told by my naturopathic doctor to begin meditating. Unfortunately for me, my brain is very busy and it wants to think all the time. Just not on one thing. So I recently discovered hot yoga. Thanks to Katherine Moore for the smooth entry into this fantastic workout which has at the same time forced me to meditate. I will be writing an ebook on coping with ADHD naturally. This is something I know I can conquer drug free and am adamant my work will help other to live free of any restrictions.

Next goal, Complete Victoria marathon this fall in 2:40 or better and hopefully place in the top ten overall. Specifics from that shall follow the Half. I am nervous to step up my mileage, but I am confident that I will have a solid performance come race day.

I am currently working on this huge social network to try and promote myself and get sponsored as a runner and help my massage business at the same time. I will work tirelessly on this until I have reached a platform on which I can build an empire for all runners and health freaks and ADHD sufferers alike to be able to seek refuge in. I'd like to share my thoughts and advice in hopes that people will enjoy and relate and be inspired to take life on with thier full abilities just as I am.

This will be all for now, as I have to get going shortly to Practice with my super awesome team The Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club. (to be known from now on as VFAC) I Love being a part of such a great group of people! It makes training so much better when you have a solid group of people to share the workload with. Alright so thats it for now, check back later to see how the workout went. Happy training to all and May the wind always be at your back.

Things I love- New shoes and great teammates
Things I hate- Getting my new shoes dirty, Bruising my entire ass cheek.

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  1. David... As a good buddy of your, I am completly blown away from your blog!!! FRIGGIN AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work and u noe that u got my support 100 percent everyday and forever!!! Ur Buddy Nick CHEERS!