Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally got a Garmin

Hey Runners,
The time has come for me to move out of the stone age. For the last few years I've watched and waited (and even went as far as to try a Nike + system), as the evolution of the wrist coach evolved. One of the first reasons I took up running was because it barely cost me anything. As time went on and my running skills developed, as did my love/need for specialty running shoes, clothes and gear. Needless to say, running isn't as cheap as it used to be. Higher mileage means more shoes per year and varying training conditions call for different types of gear. I've currently got a decent shoe and clothe arsenal. For the first time since I moved to Vancouver I was able to go out and shop for things for myself that weren't currently in emergency status. Today I went out and splurged on myself. All of these days of frugal college style, budget living have made me a much more thrifty shopper. I had a gift certificate from The Paavo Nurmi run for the Running Room so I got a Garmin Forerunner 305 with a heart rate monitor and multi sport capability. This thing is like a brain surgeon for my running. I can't wait to have it all dialed in! It tells me everything I need to know. (And even some stuff I don't.)

Today, after I had read the manual, spent some time figuring out the buttons and calibrating the soft wear, I took my new running partner out for a jaunt. It was a beautiful sunny day and it felt much cooler than last week. My body felt good and I was very happy to be out running around again, especially with my new friend. The first couple of kilometers are downhill from my place as I was heading for a nice leisurely loop of False Creek. I decided to go straight down Cypress to the big totem pole and under Burrard bridge. A refreshing change from my usual warm-up over the bridge. My body felt responsive and the scenery was especially beautiful today. Vancouver has lost it's fresh blossomed flowering face and grown yet into an even more beautiful array of budding beauties. Every which way I turned my head today there was a stunning beauty. I've heard and seen things before, but today for some reason was especially tantalizing. Even the punker and emo girls had a certain pizazz and energy about them.
So much varietal and so many different beautiful kinds.
If not their brightly colored summer dresses and stylish sunglasses which provocatively hide their mysterious eyes,
perhaps it was the tease of cleavage as they cling to their handle bars and pass me by.
There are several beauties who I saw today that to an art major may resemble the Mona Lisa. To me I see these women as the pinnacle of a species. Especially the one's who are out running around the seawall looking damn fine. It's just like running through Vancouver's finest rose garden. The day will come when I can pick myself one of those roses or let one pick me, but for now I am enjoying the view as I build my empire.

Alright then, that's my rant about women and my thoughts on them while I run. I am now at around the 7km of my 13k run and am feeling very warm but still pretty comfortable. I notice the decrease in women around Science World and can now pull myself back to reality as the full sun hits me in my face. I was using my breath and overall feeling determine the speed in which I was running today because I wasn't quite sure what to expect from my new toy. I was in a steady comfort zone, but my pace said 3:45/km. "My tempo runs are usually 3:40 when I'm in good shape so this can't be right" I thought. I tried slowing down but it felt awkward and didn't seem to make a difference. Every time I looked down, I was right in the same zone. I did 12.55 km at an avg pace of 3:48 and avg HR of 148 bpm. As far as heart rates go, I think that's OK for an easy run. If I'm wrong, Coach hill or Gramps will surely set me right again. Max bpm was 171 coming up the hill and fastest km was 2:44. (that seems very fast to me! probably going downhill) The lungs felt productive on the up hill and I didn't put it all on and still managed to catch the lights perfectly on 4th and Broadway. All in all, I think I'll be OK for this weekend's Fort Langley Half Marathon. Also my anxiety about rejoining with my team mates who haven't let off their training since I left has gone away. I am one happy healthy Falcon, ready to return to the flock.

Things I hate: Being good all the time
Things I love: Women, Girls , Ladies. Especially healthy runner ones!!


  1. buddy,

    you think you love the watch now? just wait, you'll hate it in no time - but only get more obsessed with it. as for the women, i'm SO with you, especially the runners. stay fit mate, i'm comin out there in late july/early aug


  2. That's great Paul! I hope to see you out at the VFAC workouts!!