Saturday, June 19, 2010

Longest Day 5k Race

Wow! Who'd have thought that the whole feild of BC eletes would show up to this blazing fast and very windy 5k race. My goodness the list is endless, please check the link to see results. Fastest VFACer of course being Jay coming in at a exceptional 15:13. 6th OA. Even more remarkable would most certainly be the outstanding VFAC master and my fellow training partner ( how lucky am I?!) Kevin O'! 15:32! 9thOA. This guy has outrun his humble shell that follows him around. In fact, he's out run almost every Brit in front of him not to mention almost everyone else out there today!! Placing 5Th in the all time records for Brits 5k road races I've been told. Also notable mentions go out to Mark Sherman (finally representing the VFAC jersey) Him and Kevin have so many different club jerseys! It's so cool to run with these guys you have no idea! I am surrounded by superstars. By the way my time was 16:21 and I was 15th OA. What eve! A medium race. Reallly looking forward to peaking next weekend.
As we're warming up, I see Scott Simpson's doing his pre race routine. He was the winner from last weekend and has had a very impressive season as a Canadian whirlwind. To see more on him just google his race results, the list is endless. I approached him and his presence was infused with a zen like aura. He was glowing as if at any moment he might float off the ground. For all of us that moment was only 7 minutes away. Such graceful talented athletes, champions of the sport, champions of the speed. At some point soon I will be a champion of speed, but I crave track work now! I know this is my tool to make me fast. I can smell it and sometimes taste it. How sweet it is. I'm soon to embrace an up and coming track season after Scotiabank Half Marathon on July 27.
So as far as the recount for this race here it is. I had a really easy minded feeling coming into this one. I usually freak out when there is such a deep field but this time was different. Running has become known to me on a more intimate and deep level and I have now come to an understanding that no matter what the circumstances, this is what I was meant to do and I am so lucky and privileged to have been given the means to do so. Off the line it seemed as though there was a giant surge forward. This is an all too familiar feeling in this race. Fortunately I had the comfort of knowing several of the runners around me and their capabilities. I ended up finding gramps to my right. He sped off on the heels of Tristan it seemed. I noticed Jay hanging out way in the back just as if he were jogging. I thought to myself and almost asked him WTF are you doing???? I knew he had it in him to keep up to that smelly bastard Willy(I think that was him in the red Harriers jersey) don't get me started on him, I'll get there. OK then, if Jay is chillin', so am I! We sit back on the pack but are still rolling along pretty quickly as we cruise down the hill toward SW Marine from 16Th. Tyler mentions a shout out to Jay as we round the bend and prevented me from commenting. Don't worry Jay, you had the best start out of anyone with your patience.

God we were scary fast at the first km and I was 2:52. I was surprised especially I wasn't overreacting at all but in control of my breathing, mentally and it would seem my body too. "Shit!" I thought, "This race is a lot more hilly than I remembered" those corners (and there are a lot inside UBC) take a lot of steam out of your stride! I haven't yet had the chance to tell him but Drew has made a wonderful recovery and put out a stellar fast first half. It's so easy to get caught up with the crowds that show up here. Its a similar field to the sun run or any other local major event. God he was strong and perhaps I was too relaxed because I know I want to be strong next weekend for the Half marathon, but I know I could have beat Sherman and am glad I had it in me to get Drew but in this race<>
I could see Drew since the start and knew that there was no way I was leaving the VFAC flock. We were approaching the 4km mark and I know he had gone out very strong. Based on his rate of recovery and recent workouts, I was certainly impressed by his stamina. Its great to have the strength of our team back! I hope we can maintain this performance through to Haney and Jay will be on board this time. At the same time, I was trying to play a some what conservative role Off the bat. I slowly closed the gap on him as I focused passed him on Mark. I could hear the guy behind us say to the guy he was running with "c'mon, they're teammates!" at that point, I knew they were teaming up on us. I surged forward to the wing of my man. "C'mon Drew!" I panted. But to no response I kept moving by him. At that point, I knew it was me against them and possibly Drew too. The scenery turned to a blur as frequent shouts from teammates and friends shone in from out of that blur.
I may not have come out with the time I was hoping for, but I know I put in a heart felt ( and leg/lung felt) effort! I surged when I needed to keep ole long legs off( and had to adjust my stride/cadence a couple of times to even run near him.) Glad to have the beautiful green way into the finish and the downhill to help with my severely fatigued and lactic acid saturated mussels. Coming to the bottom I was running on adrenaline alone knowing what a battle I had endured and that there was merely 150m to go. People cheering and the very last of the gasoline pours on as I embrace the new feeling of racing flats on the grass. Yayy another one bites the dust as all of my fellow compettitors and I collapse over one another and offer up congratulations for their current accomplishment.

A great apres day follow up to come but I'm fun racing tomorrow the Paavo Nurmi run for my Friend Sigge tomorrow morning at 9 its a 10k and as I am now realizing, it's now 3:23am . Sleepy time for me. I'll catch up soon and sorry for not editing this one!
Ciao peopes.

Things I Hate - Crazy bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things I love - My fantastic running community ( sorry for selling you out for a crazy bitch tonight) funny story to come stay tuned hahaha


  1. Hey David, you may want to tone some of your comments down. Some of them appear to be personal and may upset readers. Keep up with the racing/training comments and good words on Gramps, but you have to be careful what you are wrting down for all to see. Cheers Gramps

  2. Pavel Muerel? Nice. :)

    Much easier for me to read the blog at home, Dave. Very entertaining.